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Zerocurve – Favourite (2021)

Music video directed by Martin Basile for Favourite by the rock band ZEROCURVE. Produced by LIMEN Multimedia.

Favourite (Poster)


A young man is driving. His girlfriend, from the backseat, teases him. When he turns the look, she’s not there anymore.

Director’s Statement

“Favourite” is my umpteenth work about deception. In this case instincts are the main responsibles for the trick. Film is the ideal medium to express this kind of stuff, since it exists only thanks to the illusion that 24 pictures, put one after the other, make a satisfactory imitation of reality. Many clues are hidden, but many are part of another story, so… don’t fool yourself too much.


Vittorio Saldutti, Lorenza Rogna, Roberto Vinciguerra

Country: Italy.
Language: English.
Director, cinematography, editing: Martin Basile.
Screenplay: Martin Basile, Giovanni Marinaro.
Original Soundtrack: Zerocurve.
Unit Manager: Giovanni Marinaro.
Production assistant: Francesco Repetto.
Make Up Artists: Cecilia Calvi, Angelica Bruzzone.

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  • Vancouver Independent Film Festival
  • Nominee for Best Music Video at Bucharest ShortCut CineFest (July 2021)


  • Short to the Point (July 2021)
  • Film in Focus (May 2021)
  • Lift-Off Online Sessions (May 2021)
  • Fillum International Storical and Short Film Festival (April 2021)

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