In the light of the current situation in video marketing in Italy, in 2021 I decided to start LIMEN Multimedia with my old mate Giovanni.

The idea behind LIMEN Multimedia

In Italy many companies generally rely on video professionals.

In fact, after years of collaboration with agencies and brands, I realized that they do without any realistic idea of what their goals are.

They basically believe that the cost of a video is going to magically turn into an investment.

This isn’t true most of the time.

In reality, what they usually get is just a video.

What we do different

In LIMEN Multimedia we understand that the only effective way to create videos that sell is to bring value to the viewer.

That is to say that the center of our strategy is the viewer itself.

This is undeniably the only way we can create engaging and useful contents.

Firstly what you get by doing so, is an opportunity to inform your prospect.

As you know, this is the first step in the selling process.

Secondly, by showing your expertease, you create trust and start building relation.

Lastly, you have total control over your image.

How we apply this idea

Our main services are ExperTease and ShowReal.

The first one is intended for Companies and professionals.

In the light of our main idea, it focuses on giving value to the viewer.

For instance:

ShowReal is specifically intended for actors.

Showreels are usually boring edits of old footage.

Regardless the skills of an actor, they are too long and too bad to make an impression.

Compared to those, ShowReal is insted, pretty sharp and aesthetic.

Here’s an example:

Give a look to my personal showreel and see what kind of quality are we capable of.

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