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Times Left (2020)

Times Left (Custodi di Memorie) is a short film directed by Martin Basile in 2020, written by Martin Basile and Andrea Salomone.

It was written and produced in 48 hours for THE 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT – ITALIA.


Leonardo and Alice are two successful Memory Agents: they log into people’s memories to change them and make their last moments peaceful. This time they need to solve a particularly difficult case, that’s going to question their friendship.

Times Left, official poster

Director’s Statement

Sometimes we hurt the people we love. Sometimes we do because of fear.

Times Left is a short film about two couples of friends. They both have secrets. And they both end up misunderstading their own reciprocal reasons.

Finding the strenght to really listen is hard. Technology doesn’t help. The only way to transform and save a friendship is putting your pride aside and make the first step.


Vera Ingrid Canepa as ALICE
Vittorio Saldutti as LEONARDO
Luca De Angelis
Daniele Zappavigna

Country: Italy.
Language: Italian.
Director, cinematography, editing: Martin Basile.
Screenplay: Martin Basile, Andrea Salomone.
Original Soundtrack: Marco Vassallo.
Set designer: Federico Roi.
Assistant Director: Andrea Ferreccio, Federico Pietronave.
Production assistant: Stella Salomone.
Boom Operator: Giovanni Marinaro, Marco “Ciubbe” Bruni, Francesco Repetto.
Make Up Artists: Cecilia Calvi, Angelica Bruzzone.

Times Left on Film Freeway:


  • Best Directing at OTB – Only The Best International Film Awards (2021)
    • Mentioned by Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) for the best soundtrack at THE 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT – ITALIA
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