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All for One

All for ONE (Tutti per UNO) is a short film directed by Martin Basile in 2023, written by Martin Basile and Irina Turcanu.

It was created within a tight timeframe of 48 hours during The 48 Hour Film Project Italia 2023.


Childhood’s carefree spirit doesn’t fade; it just plays a game of hide and seek


Three siblings are about to embark on a journey to rediscover the carefree joy and playfulness reminiscent of their childhood days.

All for One, film poster


The story unfolds with three siblings, seemingly carefree and enjoying themselves, yet with occasional undertones of darkness and unease. Something isn’t quite right. There’s a mysterious and unsettling element that adds a layer of complexity to the narrative.


In “All for ONE,” I aimed to capture the essence of nostalgia and the complexity of emotional processing through a visual journey infused with both joy and darkness.

The plot follows three siblings on a journey to rediscover the innocence of their childhood in the old family home. Despite the apparent carefreeness, sinister tones emerge, suggesting a dark mystery. The shared happiness is revealed to be a projection of Ale’s mind, imagining the presence of his deceased siblings.

The film lends itself to various interpretations, challenging viewers to explore the boundary between healing and oblivion. On one hand, it represents the possibility of healing through the rediscovery of memories. Ale finds the strength to live in the present with the carefreeness of a child, inviting viewers to rediscover serenity in life’s simple joys.

On the other hand, it could be an escape from reality, suggesting immersion in oblivion and resistance to confronting pain. Both perspectives converge, emphasizing that life is what it is, and personal interpretation defines the boundary between happiness and despair.

The open-ended conclusion invites viewers to reflect on the ever-changing nature of life and the subjectivity of the human experience. Is Ale aware of his healing journey? Did he choose the countryside as an intentional act of inner exploration, or has he irreversibly lost himself in his distorted perception of reality? The beauty of “All for ONE” lies in the invitation to ponder these questions and embrace the complexity of life.


Vittorio Saldutti
Luca De Angelis
Vera Ingrid Canepa

Country: Italy.
Language: Italian.
Director, cinematography, editing: Martin Basile.
Screenplay: Martin Basile, Irina Turcanu.
Original Soundtrack: Martin Basile.
Boom Operator: Stefano Demarchi.
Production assistant: Victoria Spinelli Donati.
Thanks to: Michele Francesconi.

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