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Zeno’s Paradox (2020)

Zeno’s Paradox is a short film written and directed by Martin Basile in 2020, produced by Vittorio Saldutti and Martin Basile.


Vittorio suddenly leaves college and gets back to his family in the countryside. Something convinced him that the dark secret he shares with his parents will stop him from fulfilling his aspirations.

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Director’s Statement

The lead actor’s own experience mainly inspired “Zeno’s Paradox”. When he asked me to write a short film for him to play, we talked about his aspirations and concerns. In facth he’s been trying to launch his career as an actor for a while, but everybody always advised against it and suggested instead to work in his family’s farm in the countryside.

I actually feel the same kind of concern. Coming from a region whithout any relevant film company or production, not knowing many people from the industry. This is why sometimes I’m afraid of not getting any opportunity to make a living from my work as a director and, eventually, be forced to do something else to survive.

I know many people who feel the same way, people who know what their true calling is, but don’t know how to make it reality. I truly believe that the only way to succeed is by persisting. This is why I decided to write this short film.

Zeno’s Paradox: what’s the meaning of the title?

The title refers to Zeno’s most famous paradox, about Achilles and the tortoise. Since the protagonist is a philosophy student, he ponders about his concerns throughout the film, referring to famous philosophical quotes. Zeno’s paradox proves that movement is only an illusion. If everything stays still, then how change is possible? Will Vittorio be able to change his own life?


Vittorio Saldutti as VITTORIO.
Stella Fonte as MOTHER.
Emanuele Pacca as FATHER.

Country: Italy.
Language: Italian.
Director, cinematography, editing and original soundtrack: Martin Basile.
Screenplay: Martin Basile, Andrea Salomone.
Assistant Director: Paolo Talamonti.
Script supervisor: Emiddio Russo.
Boom Operator: Rosa Marano.
Make Up Artists: Martina Chiappinelli, Fabiana Pia Gentile, Alessia Di Tuccio.

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  • Vesuvius International Monthly Film Fest (November 2020)


  • LONG STORY SHORTS | International Film Festival (January 2021)
  • Pluriart Film Festival (January 2021)
  • Festival del Cinema di Cefal├╣ (May 2021)
  • Platonic Film Competition (4th Edition – May 2021)

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