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Filmmaking Kills (2017)

Original title: Il film uccide

After Davide loses the use of his legs in an accident, Marco, the driver, drowns in guilt. Davide though, tells him he shouldn’t worry, suggesting that what they are experiencing is actually a movie. During the film he gives evidence of it, but nobody takes him seriously. In the other’s opinion, in fact, he is talking nonsense because of the trauma.

Filmmaking Kills was selected by Sapienza Short Film Festival (Italy), International Peace & Film Festival (U.S.A.), Short to the Point Festival (Romania), Cefalù Film Festival (Italy), Genova Film Festival (Italy), My Love Michelle Short Film Festival (U.S.A.), The Lift-Off Sessions (U.K.).

It is also the Winner of the Video Voyager Prize at Trofeo La Lanterna (Italy), 2018.



Stelio Callao as Marco
Martin Basile as Davide
Cristiana Manzi Dell’Aira as Giulia

Marco Bruni, Elena Grandi, Rita Servente, Alessandro Bonucci, Sabrina Demarchi, Lorenzo Germinni.

Country: Italy.
Language: Italian.
Original soundtrack by Martin Basile.
Cinematography by Elena Grandi.
Script supervisors: Silvio Magnolo, Amedeo Pagella.
Film editing by Martin Basile.

Filmmaking Kills on IMDb:

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