Martin Basile (born March 21 1992) is an Italian film director, screenwriter, songwriter.

His films mainly focus on themes related to ontology and the concept of reality.

Using the medium as a metaphor for experiencing life.

In 2020 Martin Basile wrote and directed “Zeno’s Paradox”, winner as best low budget film at Short To the Point Festival.

Finalist at Vesuvius International Monthly Film Fest.

It was also selected by LONG STORY SHORTS, Pluriart Film Festival, Festival del cinema di Cefalù.

His short film “ALEXIA” (2019), written and produced in 72 hours won a prize at La 72esima ora Film Festival (Italy) and was awarded at GENERIcamente umani film festival (Italy). It was also selected by Diorama Film Festival (India).

His short film “Filmmaking kills” (2017) won the Video Voyagers prize ad Trofeo La Lanterna. It was also finalist at Sapienza Short Film Festival (Italy). Milano Mobile Film Festival (Italy). At Cefalù Film Festival (Italy) it was also nominated for best male actor (Martin Basile), best original soundtrack, best screenplay. It was also selected by International Peace & Film Festival (USA), Genova Film Festival (Italy), Short To The Point (Romania), My Love Michelle (USA), First-Time Filmmaker Sessions (UK).

As a songwriter he wrote many albums. He is one of the 7 finalist of the prestigious Premio Bindi in 2020. He also won the Emanuela Pedulà Prize in 2016, the Toscana Selection Prize in 2015 and the Sotto Toni Prize in 2014.

In 2021 Martin Basile and Giovanni Marinaro founded the video marketing brand LIMEN Multimedia. It features the original formats ExperTease and ShowReal.